Ozone Retrofit of Diemer Water Plant Project of Metropolitan Water District, Yorba Linda,Ca.
Duties: Reviewing baseline, monthly construction schedule, evaluating delays, preparing schedule review reports, and evaluating claims and change orders.
The Robert B. Diemer Water Treatment Plant supplies water to several Southern California counties. This project is the third of five planned upgrades by the Metropolitan Water District.

The work consisted of retrofitting the existing Diemer Water Treatment Plant to treat water with an Oxygen/Ozone system. This included constructing an ozone generation building, ozone contactors, contactor influent and effluent conduits, contactor rejection tunnel, liquid oxygen storage and feed system, chemical feed facilities, unit substation, switchgear building, emergency generator building, large diameter yard conduits and piping; grading; paving; demolition; adding and modifying plant utilities and controls; connections to existing facilities; landscaping; commissioning & training; installation of meter vaults and other ozone/oxygen system equipment. Project Value is $200 Million.
Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project(TRTP) for Southern California Edison — Segments 7–8, Yorba Linda, CA.
Duties: Reviewing baseline and monthly construction schedule, evaluating delays, and preparing schedule review reports for the general contractor to meet the requirements of the owner. Project consist of removal of existing electrical transmission wire (220 kilovolt (kV)), structures and foundations, followed by installation of new foundations and electrical transmission structures (500 kV). Upon completion, the project will provide renewable generated electricity and help meet California’s renewable energy goals. Project Value is $180 Million.



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